Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just kidding

That sweater for Monkey?  Not so much.  Too little yarn, translated the pattern wrong (original pattern was written for fingering weight yarn, I used DK and tried to tweak it...), plus I seriously dislike how it's turned out.  I've been having an aweful time with patterns lately!  Making Christmas presents was so difficult this year, due to the memory and concentration problems.  Oh well.  I threw it in my box for projects I don't like and need to pull out, to salvage the yarn.  I'll just forget about it for awhile - shouldn't be too hard!  LOL

Anyway, looking for my December issue of Crochet Today has proved to be futile... I can't find it anywhere (insert yet another memory joke here).  I'll just look up the pattern on Ravelry (my ID is threadedgoodness, btw).  It's for the Swing Cardi.  It's super cute!  And I'm in need of tops for sure.  Maybe this one will work out?

Here's to fighting my way through the brain fog.  One stitch at a time (hardy har harr).  :)

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