Monday, November 3, 2008

Sooo behind this week!

I'm just going to call it what it is, and accept the fact that I will not be posting any items for a few days. I'm 36 weeks along now, and have been having contractions allllll day long. Fairly consistent, too. Tomorrow I'll be off to UVA to see the rheumatologist for some other problems I've been having - which right, it's important for me to see him before I have this baby! So suffice it to say, I will be crocheting my fingers off - but I will get to posting as soon as I get the chance.

Also, I'm devising a plan for my new-baby hiatus. I will probably not post exclusively on Saturdays, but as I complete my projects. Once the baby gets here, I won't add anything, but I'll still be open to orders (custom and not). It's always nice to have something to keep me busy during the day so I'm not falling asleep while caring for the other children!!

So we'll see where we are by this weekend, and of course, I'll keep the blog updated for sure. Can't wait to meet this little girl!

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