Monday, October 20, 2008

Looking ahead...

I'm looking for inspiration everywhere these days, and the Girly Scarves keep coming back to me. Today, my mom suggested selling matching hats with the scarves. I think she's on to something! I can't really find a pattern I like, even one to alter and make my own, so I'm just going to create my own pattern to match the scarves. I started working on another scarf tonight, in an awesome heather blue wool. But tomorrow I'll be hitting the Yarn Shoppe here in town to stock up on some extra yarn, so that I have enough to make the hats to match the scarves. Charity already has requested a hat and scarf for Christmas!
So, off to bed now. Regretfully, though... I do wish sometimes that I could just keep these creative juices flowing through to the complete product - without stopping or resting!

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