Friday, October 24, 2008

Stocking preview!

My goods are DONE before Saturday - can you believe it?!?! I sure can't! I suppose that's what being on bed rest will do for you :) So no pics, but the heads up is for two Girly Scarf/Hat sets (Charity LOVES them! She has them on her Christmas list!), and a couple pairs of wrist warmers.

Things have started getting pretty chilly around here, and I'm so very in the mood for working up some nice, warm, snugly items. In fact, this weekend, I think I'll be working up some quick toddler mittens for our three little ones - I worry about their cold little hands outside this week. It will make great use of all of my balls of scrap yarn! A good pattern I found is here: . Since their little hands are so small, I expect them to work up quickly!

Okay, I need to go to bed now. And don't forget - stocking by 10pm Saturday night!

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