Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When inspiration comes to fruition...

The Girly Scarf now has a matching hat! I'm so thrilled that what I had in my head actually came out into the finished product. I haven't decided whether or not the hats will be sold as a set with the scarves, or separately. Shoot me an opinion, I'd sure like to hear it! The Yarn Shoppe was closed yesterday, so I'll probably send someone out to pick up yarn tomorrow or Friday, as my doc has now restricted what I do to, well, almost nothing! Nothing except sitting, laying down, and more of the same. So needless to say, I will have lots of time for reading and crocheting on my hands!

Looking forward to getting some other hats made up for Saturday's stocking. And check out the store while you're at it, . Back to work!

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